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This product is no longer supported.

Script your points-and-clicks, and much more, with Winductor!

Winductor is a scripting language for Windows platforms. It allows automating point-and-click actions by simulating mouse clicks, as well as keyboard input. It also provides COM automation, so the combination of simulated input and COM automation may be used to achieve the desired results. In addition, with the several hundred built-in functions, various utility scripts can be quickly written using Winductor to make various tasks simpler. The Winductor built-in functions include powerful string matching facilities, file processing, database access, inernet actions and more.

For numerous time-consuming chores, such as transferring data from Excel or Access into a text file or a program, or for running a program numerous times and clicking repetitively at the buttons, Winductor can be an ideal solution.

Following are some comments from our users:

".. This software has been terrific for importing volumes of data from the legacy system taking the role of a reliable robot data entry resource. We have continued to use it for adding/changing masses of data using Excel files as input."
-- Brian Dyson of Dyson Solutions Management for Email Metering Group

"..Winductor solved a long standing problem for Eaton Fluid Power Division. At first I thought it would be a clever thing for local use, but now another manufacturing facility and our European engineering center are adopting the same program. So, your product has solved a problem that was widespread - and a show stopper to some of our longer term goals for automation of engineering activities."
-- Warren Armstrong

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